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The old quarter of Zanzibar is known as Stone Town and looks much the same today as it did two centuries ago. It is a place of winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques and grand Arabian style stone houses. The houses are known for their extravagant front doors, elaborately carved and studded with brass. The National Museum is a good starting point for knowing out more of the history and culture of Zanzibar. Take a stroll through the famous city of Stone Town starting with the hustle and bustle of the market including visits to slave markets, churches, historic buildings and museums. Tours of Zanzibar island are a rewarding experience, with cultural sites and natural beauty forming the basis of your itinerary. You travel past fragrant plantations of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices on your way to a variety of places of historical interest. Stone Town provides an ideal base for exploring the natural and historic wonders of the famous spice island of Zanzibar.

Situated in the Indian Ocean only 25 miles off the west coast of Africa is the "The Spice Island", so named due to its export of cloves and a wide variety of the most commonly known spices. Zanzibar and its islands are bathed in the heady scents and romanticism of a bygone era. Gentle, soft-spoken islanders host you with warmth and grace. Zanzibar has a very colorful and exciting history. In the port of Zanzibar dozens of dhows carry on the tradition of spice and precious wood trade in the Indian Ocean. And exotic and romantic images come to life on this island of palm-fringed beaches and turquoise lagoons. Zanzibar has been luring travelers to its shores for many centuries. It was the ancient trading port of the sultans of Oman in the 19th century. It was from this island that the great European explorers Burton, Speke, Livingstone and Grant set off on their voyages of discovery in the uncharted mainland. Today the island is steadily developing and offers a unique combination of history, culture, friendly people and beautiful unspoiled beaches. Zanzibar Island boasts miles of golden beaches. Inland, the island is a garden of Eden offering the most exquisite tropical species. Many visitors to Zanzibar choose to combine a couple of days in town with a few days at one of the beaches.
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