Accommodations within and around Tarangire National Park

Tarangire Treetops
Description: Luxury lodge with rooms built on elevated tree platforms, offering an unique perspective of the wilderness.

Tarangire Sopa Lodge
Description: Overlooks the Tarangire Hill and is known for large rooms and a unique, two-level swimming pool.

Oliver`s Camp
Description: Situated in a remote area of the park, it offers luxury tents that provide an authentic bush experience.

Kuro Tarangire
Description: A camp that captures the essence of a mobile camp, but with the comfort and luxuries of a permanent tented camp.

Maramboi Tented Lodge
Description: Permanent camp offering stunning views of the Manyara National Park, Rift Valley, Ngorongoro Highlands, and the nearby baobab-studded landscape.

Lake Burunge Tented Camp
Description: Located on the shores of Lake Burunge, it provides panoramic views of both Tarangire Park and Lake Manyara.

Sanctuary Swala Camp
Description: Located in a secluded area of Tarangire, this camp offers twelve luxurious tents with spectacular views.

Chem Chem Lodge
Description: Situated between Tarangire and Lake Manyara, this lodge focuses on a `slow safari` experience with luxurious amenities.

Little Oliver`s Camp
Description: An extension of Oliver`s Camp, it offers an even more intimate experience with only five tents.

Balloon Camp Tarangire
Description: Located near the park entrance, it`s uniquely known for its balloon safaris over Tarangire.

As with other popular safari destinations, it`s advisable to book your accommodations in Tarangire National Park well in advance, especially during peak seasons. Check with us on our recent experiences, we will always make sure to provide you with our valuable insights and recent experiences and reviews when choosing you accommodation.